Hey big-hearted badass, Gia here. So, I heard you want to save the world? Kinda amazing if you ask me. Or you don’t… Want to save the world that is, but you really want to do something to help (which by the way, is pretty amazing too). Now, let’s get on to what you really wanna know…

Can I help you out?

You Bet.

Here are 3 ways we can make it happen & get you started.

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We can do this a couple of ways:


Pinpoint Your Cause

“So many causes, but where to start?”

I’ll help you to hone in.

Sometimes you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You see all these horrible things happening in the news and you know you really want to do something to help, but you don’t even know where to begin.

Do I march? Start a campaign? Raise money for a cause?

Do I volunteer to help the homeless, advocate for policy change or rally for people I believe in to get elected to office?

Do I foster rescue animals, adopt or donate my time?

ACK! If only I had help figuring out what I want to do to make a bigger difference.

No worries. That’s where I come in.

If you want to create a positive impact in the world in your own way and you’re looking for ideas, inspiration, a starting place then this session is for you. Together we’ll figure out thing that fires you up, excites you and makes you jump out of bed in the mornin’ and say, OH YEAH BABY! This is your starting place to get out in the world making a difference in your own way.

Yes, please! 


Make It Happen

“I know what I’m passionate about, now I’m looking for help with the next steps.” We’ll work together to clarify your plan.

You have pinpointed the cause that really fires you up and sparks that twinkle in your eye and you are ready to get going.

But WHOA NELLY – there are so many decisions to make, questions to answer and places to start!

Will I have enough time and resources to do a good job?
What about social media? Do I need that?
How do I start?
Will this interfere with my day job?
What if it doesn’t work?

Phew! Deep breath. This is where I come in.

If you want less confusion and more direction to help you get your give-back idea outta your head and out there helping the world then this session is for you. During your Make It Happen session we will talk it all through and create a specific plan that is right for y-o-u. This is your launch pad to action. Ready, Set, Go!

Yes, please!

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